Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your instruments cost?

The prices of our instruments are shown in the individual descriptions. There is some variation in price, depending on the model and whether an instrument is new or antiqued. The antiquing takes time, so these instruments are a bit more expensive. Our instruments are priced competitively so that we can make a living from our art.

How long does it take to make a violin?

It takes roughly six weeks’ to make a a violin or viola and approximately twice as long for a cello. We leave the varnish to harden before setting a new instrument up; this can take quite a bit of time depending on the Irish weather. Once set up, we play them in ourselves so that they are not just sitting on a shelf. Instruments need to be played! This also allows us to make any sound adjustments necessary. From start to finish all of this takes about 3 months. Sometimes longer in winter!

Can I take an instrument away to try before buying it?

Yes, we always encourage players to try our instruments on approval. This is important, so you can take it away and play in peace, in your usual practice room and other acoustic settings familiar to you, rather than playing it in the workshop with us watching you! It also helps to hear the opinion of your fellow musicians. You are under no obligation to buy until you are 100% satisfied.

How long is the approval period?

The approval period is normally 1-2 weeks. We are flexible.

Are the instruments insured?

Whilst instruments are on approval they are fully covered by our insurance.

Do your instruments come with a warranty?

We offer a free initial checkup and adjustment, plus a long-term commitment to keeping your instrument playing the way it should. Should you ever decide to part with it, we can sell it on your behalf on a consignment basis. We ask a 25% sales commission plus the cost of any work needed to bring the instrument into optimal condition.

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