Our Philosophy

In our workshop, we focus mainly on making new violins, violas and cellos. Taking inspiration from the old masters, our instruments are distinctive, unique and full of character; we believe that our individual characters are imparted on the instruments we make.

We aim to make instruments you don’t want to put down.

carving scroll 02

We make conscious decisions regarding what patterns we use, what wood, what fittings etc. From concept to fruition, our work flows organically and whilst each instrument is different, they all intentionally bear the hallmarks of the Boardman family. We endeavour to refine every aspect of the making process, using primarily hand tools to transmit our ideas directly into the wood, just as the classical Italian makers would have done.

We do not make to commission. We prefer to make a wide range of instruments, enjoying the process and letting our creativity take us where we want to go. This way, we always have a selection of instruments in the workshop for you to try out. We find that having a choice enables you to make the best decision for your musical future.

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