About Us

Boardman Violins is a family business. Peter and Rory Boardman make and restore instruments in a rural workshop next to the family home just outside Donaghadee, Northern Ireland.


Peter Boardman is a master violin maker who has earned a reputation for crafting high-quality instruments over a 40+ year career. Having learned to the play the fiddle, he found that he needed a better instrument, so he set about making one for himself. He made that first violin in 1979. Then someone played it and asked if they could have one for themselves. And so on… Ever since that first violin, Peter has been a full-time violin maker. He has since made over 350 instruments.

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That first violin was eventually handed down to Peter’s eldest son Rory, who played it for many years. After playing the violin from the age of four, an Engineering degree and a career sailing around the world as a Marine Engineer, Rory eventually decided to try his hand at the family trade in 2018. What started out as a project to make one instrument has since turned into a family obsession; Rory has not stopped making instruments since he started his first. He enjoys sharing ideas with fellow violin makers and has participated in various workshops and joint projects across Europe.

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Peter and Rory are active members of the British Violin Making Association, which brings together some of the most talented and innovative violin makers across the world.


You are welcome to visit our workshop to try our instruments and gain a glimpse into how they are made. Visits by appointment only. doesn't store or share your personal information